4 Secret Juices for an Ideal Body


Do you want to lose some weight without preventing yourself from eating delicious food?

There are 4 secret juices which will help you lose some weight while you eat your ordinary meals:

1) Begin your day with a cup of warm water and apple vinegar.

2) After each meal, drink a cup of tea with the juice of a half-lemon after each meal.

3) Try to drink a cup of Ginger, Cumin and Cinnamon 3 times in the day.

4) Drink a cup of yogurt with the juice of a half-lemon every day at 11pm then go to sleep.

These 4 juices will take off the fats and sugar and give you a slim healthy body.

Take these 4 juices everyday, and you will lose some of your weight and gain extra energy after 3 days ,but you can complete with this diet till you rwach your ideal weight.

Actually, I really loved these juices and made them a part of my everyday life.




This article was written by tarjem